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Office administration jobs for all levels of experience

Some of the positions we frequently hire for:

  • Bilingual human resources assistant
  • Customer service representative
  • Human resources assistant
  • Accounts payable clerk
  • Clerical administrator
  • Driver license support specialist
  • Data entry specialist
  • Executive assistant
  • Inventory clerk
  • Call center representative
  • Order management
  • Petition circulator
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Field associate benefits

  • Weekly pay and direct deposit
  • Medical, dental and vision benefits
  • Referral and attendance bonuses
  • Flexibility to fit your schedule
  • No fees for our services

As a Crown field associate, you’ll be required to work a specified number of hours and weeks before becoming eligible for some benefits. Benefits may vary by location, so talk with your local Crown representative for more details.

Employment Arrangements

Depending on your skills and the positions we have available, we might talk to you about a few different ways to work with us.

Temp to hire

Temp to hire means you begin a position for a client as a Crown field associate. Then, after a specified amount of time and if it’s a good fit for both you and the client, you’re hired on as a direct employee of the client.

Direct placement

A direct placement means Crown helps facilitate the interviewing and hiring process for a client position. In this case, you are hired directly by the client and are not a Crown field associate first.

Temporary assignment

A temporary assignment is a position for a client you work as a Crown field associate for a specific amount of time. Often, you’re filling in during the absence of another employee (like a maternity leave) or during a seasonal increase in workload (like the holiday rush).

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The hiring process

  1. Complete our online application
  2. Interview and finalize paperwork
  3. Discover positions you’re a fit for
  4. Accept a position, and learn what you need to get started
  5. Become a valuable member of the team
  6. Reach out to your Crown representative any time

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